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Cegal Prizm documentation#

Cegal Prizm represents an easy to configure, modular solution that allows users to integrate data from different geo-applications, data sources and platforms into a single Python environment. Prizm can connect into Petrel, OSDU, and other 3rd party applications and domains to access and retrieve energy data that can then be combined for advance data analysis, plotting, data science workflows, and machine learning techniques. Users can seamlessly transfer data locally, on-prem or across hybrid deployments to a common Python environment to generate more insight and value by enriching datasets with additional application meta-data.

  • Convert domain data objects into common Python data structures (Pandas DataFrame or NumPy array) and seamlessly work across the Python ecosystem to drive innovation and maximize value from data.

  • Solve problems that are not possible with legacy applications

  • Integrate modern AI/ML Python technologies to extend, accelerate and augment standard workflows

  • Create and securely distribute customized code, services and technology to a user community for consumption

  • Combine data from different application silos for enriched investigation

  • Elevate critical analysis and support better business decisions

  • Secure collaborative environments for data scientists, data engineers and domain experts to share and publish Python scripts, Notebooks and ideas

  • Vendor and cloud agnostic solution

  • Be more creative and generate more insight from your geo-science data

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Cegal Prizm modules#


Python Tool Pro

New to Python Tool Pro? Check out the getting started guides, which contain an introduction to the main concepts and tutorials on how to use Python Tool Pro.



Investigator brings long-awaited powerful cross-domain data analysis to Petrel. Check out the getting started guides to get an introduction to the main concepts.


Supporting Components

Discover the other Prizm modules and learn more about different deployment options using Hub and Innovation Space and licensing via Keystone.