Hub Server configuration#

../../../_images/Hub_Architecture_serverCongif.png ../../../_images/Hub_Architecture_serverCongif_dark.png

If you picked this use case you will be setting up a Hub Server as a stand-alone instance on a remote network for other users to connect to.

Starting a Hub Server#

A Hub Server can be started from the Hub CLI as a stand-alone process on a Windows or Linux machine, or as a Windows service. We will show an example of starting a Hub Server on a Windows machine using Powershell. A more detailed description of the configuration options and how to protect a Hub Server running on a public network can be found in the User Guide


For users to be able to connect to the Hub Server it has to be activated. This can also be done from the Hub CLI.


Once the Hub Server is started you can pass the server address to other users to connect to the Hub Server. More details on Hub Server configuration can be found in the user guides