Local Hub Windows Desktop#

The local user Windows desktop is the most common scenario for Cegal Hub installation. In this scenario applications running in separate processes are most likely communicating together on the same local machine. This installation does however include the components a user needs to communicate via a remote Cegal Hub Server if that is desired. The local user installation comprises:

  • Cegal Hub MSI - This installer installs the Cegal Hub binary into the user’s local application data folder and ensures the Cegal Hub binary is on the users path.

  • Cegal Hub Petrel Plugin MSI - This installer wraps the general Cegal Hub MSI installer above and can be installed as an alternative to the Cegal Hub MSI. This installer also includes a Petrel Plugin.

  • Cegal Prizm Hub Python package - This is not physically included in the installation but may be installed from PyPI.

System requirements#

A Windows 7,10 or 11 operating system.

If working with Petrel then Petrel versions 2019, 2020 or 2021 are supported.

If working with Python the minimum supported version of Python is 3.6.

Hub MSI installer#

Double click the “cegalhub-1.0.1-x.msi” file and Cegal Hub will be silently installed.

To verify the installation open a PowerShell command prompt and type ‘cegalhub’.


Hub Petrel MSI installer#

As an alternative to the above, and if Cegal Hub will be used with the Petrel Connector, the Petrel plugin can be installed which wraps the above installer.

Double click the “Cegal Hub 1.0.0.x for Petrel 20XX.msi” file and you will be prompted to install the plugin.


Hub Python Client installation#

To install the Cegal Hub Python client from PyPI

pip install cegalprizm-hub

Installing a Hub Server as a Windows Service#

When either of the 2 install methods above are run, the cegalhub.exe binary will be installed in “C:Program FilesCegalHub”.

On the user desktop Cegal Hub is typically launched in local mode by typing “cegalhub local” in a PowerShell prompt or by an application such as the Cegal Hub Petrel Connector directly.

As an alternative, if the user would always like to have Cegal Hub available locally it can be installed as a Windows Service. To install as a Windows Service use the cegalhub.exe binary from an elevated PowerShell prompt.

The below shows the help for the Windows Service Cegal Hub command.


To install Cegal Hub in local mode as a Windows Service

cegalhub service install-local

To manually start the newly installed Windows Service

cegalhub service start

To manually stop the running Windows Service

cegalhub service stop

If you wish to have the Windows Service start automatically when the machine launches please use the Windows Service manager.


To remove the Windows Service

cegalhub service remove