Hub Server on Windows Server#

The Cegal Hub Server binary can be run on Windows Server.


A Hub Server must be activated once started. This can be be done remotely using the cegalhub.exe client or by using the Hub Python client library.


System requirements#

Windows Server 2019 or 2022 operating systems have been verified.

Hub MSI installer#

Double click the “cegalhub-1.0.0-x.msi” file and Cegal Hub will be silently installed.

To verify the installation open a PowerShell command prompt and type ‘cegalhub’.


Installing a Hub Server as a Windows Service#

The below shows the help for the Windows Service when installing Hub Server in server mode.


To install Cegal Hub in Server mode as a Windows Service without TLS

cegalhub service install-server --tls=false

To manually start the newly installed Windows Service

cegalhub service start

To manually stop the running Windows Service

cegalhub service stop

To remove the Windows Service

cegalhub service remove