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Hub is a lightweight piece of technology that connects data and applications securely in real-time. It allows users and organizations to connect different connector and client applications through a central Hub Server. The Hub Server can run on a user machine for local communications or on a network server, in a public cloud or in a hybrid environment with on-prem and cloud components for remote connections and multi-user access. This allows programmatic access to applications and remote execution of scripts.

Below image shows example of Hub connector applications and Hub client applications.

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Release notes

Check out all relevant changes and improvements in the latest version of Hub.

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Getting Started

New to Hub? Learn how you can use Hub to connect to a Petrel project!

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User Guide

Deep dive into all of Hub functionalities and configuration options.

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Example workflows which combine different key functionality in Hub.

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API Reference

A detailed description of the Hub Python API, explaining all methods and parameters.

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Installation Guide

A step-by-step walk-through of the installation process and the system requirements.

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Find more information about the available Hub licensing options!