Cegal Hub - remote Cegal Hub Server with Petrel demo#

This demo assumes you have access to a running Cegal Hub Server instance in the cloud on the below address.

Activate the Cegal Hub Server if not already activated

cegalhub client activate --address="cegalhub.demo1-ispace.cegal-geo.com" --port=443 --tls

Create a Cegal Hub Client for use with a remote Cegal Hub Server

cegalhub agent --address="cegalhub.demo1-ispace.cegal-geo.com" --port=443 --tls --alp

For PTP or another Keystone application that wishes to supply Bearer tokens (because of protected payloads in the connector) supply your own oidc_options to match the logical Keystone app registration. The default oidc_options of None falls back to using oidc_options for the logical Prizme app. The logical Keystone application must have access to the logical Keystone hub_connector_api scope if Cegal Hub Server is configured with client authentication.

The oidc _options are part of the cegal-keystoneauth package available on PyPI

[ ]:
from cegalprizm.hub import Hub, ConnectionParameters
[ ]:
cp = ConnectionParameters(host="cegalhub.demo1-ispace.cegal-geo.com", port="443", use_tls=True, use_auth=True)
[ ]:
hub = Hub(connection_parameters=cp)

Activate the remote Cegal Hub Server if not already activated

This is only needed to be done once on a running Cegal Hub Server

[ ]:

Obtain a handle to the Cegal Hub Agent on the local machine for use later

[ ]:
agent = hub.default_agent_ctx()

Launch a new instance of Petrel in the background from your Cegal Hub Agent and get a handle to Petrel

[ ]:
petrel = agent.new_petrel_instance(petrel_version=2021)

Load a Petrel project

[ ]:

Shutdown Petrel

[ ]:

Query the Cegal Hub server and check available Cegal Hub Connectors

[ ]:
[ ]:
hub.print_query_connectors(show_meta=False, show_payloads=False, show_labels=False)