Simple use of Petrel UI against a remote Hub Server#

Ensure the Cegal Hub Petrel plugin is installed and Petrel has been launched with a UI.

Ensure the cegalprizm-hub Python package is installed in your local Python environment. Pip install cegalprizm-hub.

Configure Cegal Hub Marina tab to point at the remote Cegal Hub Server. (Depending on your settings Petrel will connect automatically on startup)


Import from Cegal Hub

[ ]:
from cegalprizm.hub import Hub, ConnectionParameters

Create a ConnectionParameters object

[ ]:
cp = ConnectionParameters(host="", port="443", use_tls=True, use_auth=True)

Create a new Hub object

[ ]:
hub = Hub(connection_parameters=cp)

Create a default Petrel context from Hub. As Petrel is running this will be a strong handle to your local running Petrel instance.

[ ]:
p_ctx = hub.default_petrel_ctx()

Ask Petrel for some basic information on the project

[ ]: