Hub modes#

The Cegal Hub binary supports 2 distinct modes

  • Local mode for use on the local machine

  • Server mode for network or public cloud deployments running a stand-alone Hub Server and optional a Hub Agent

The local mode runs a Cegal Hub Server and Cegal Hub Agent together in the same process.

Server mode runs just a Cegal Hub Server. A Cegal Hub Agent can then join to the running Cegal Hub Server.

To use the full potential of Hub and enable cross-network or cloud deployment run in Cegal Hub Server mode and customize the configuration to fit your needs and deployment requirements. For more information on the Cegal Hub deployment scenarios and installation see Installation Guide

Local mode#

../../../_images/HubLocalMode.png ../../../_images/HubLocalMode_dark.png

Local mode launches a local Cegal Hub Server on port 9595 on the local machine.

In local mode you will run both a Hub Agent and Hub Server together in the same process. This mode is used for connecting applications on the user’s desktop. Multiple connector applications of the same kind can be used in this mode (e.g. access to multiple Petrel instances).

Hub Local mode can be started from the CLI using the command ‘local’ or simply ‘l’. You can launch an application in Hub Local mode using the flag –profile and passing the name of the profile.json as value. To find out how to set up profiles please check the Setting up a profile section of Hub Server configuration. Other options in Hub Local mode can be displayed using the –help option as displayed below. By default the Hub Petrel plug-in also initializes Hub Local mode when starting and connecting a local Hub Server from the Marina UI in Petrel.


Server mode#

Hub Server mode gives you the full potential of Hub. The various Hub components are run as individual processes and can be deployed on a local machine, in a hybrid environment or completely cloud based. Hub can be configured in many different settings. A few possible scenarios are:

  • Hub Server on a local machine enabling connecting between a Hub connector application and a Hub client application

  • Hub Server on a local machine with a Hub Agent launching multiple Hub connector applications and routing messages from one or multiple Hub client applications

  • Hub Server running on a network server enabling one or multiple users to connect from a centralized data science environment to their local machines

  • Hub Server running on a cloud VM or container enabling communication from a cloud hosted solution (e.g. Cegal Innovation Space or Google Colab) to the users local machine or a separate cloud VM

../../../_images/Hub_Server_config_options.gif ../../../_images/Hub_Server_config_options_dark.gif