Hub Petrel Connector#

The Hub deployment artifacts include a Hub connector application for Petrel. This is deployed in the form of a Petrel plugin.

The Hub Petrel connector is responsible for simple Petrel project lifecycle operations and allowing 3rd party Petrel plugins to augment the Petrel Connector with additional functionality.

Hub Petrel Connector without a user interface#

The Hub Petrel Connector can be launched programmatically by the Hub Agent to run in the background which can support headless workflows with Petrel. See the Tutorials for more information.

Hub Petrel Connector with a user interface#

../../../_images/Open_Hub_from_Marina.png ../../../_images/Hub_connection1.gif

The Hub plug-in can connect to a local Hub Server on the same machine or a remote Hub Server on a network server or cloud VM or container. The connection parameters can be set in the UI of the Hub Petrel plug-in as shown above and then the user will establish the connection manually. Or the connection parameters can be stored in the appdata config folder for the Hub connection to be established on Petrel start-up.

Connection settings#

There are two configuration_setting json files used for automatic connection.

The first one is the ‘petrel_connection_settings.json’ which determines if a Hub connection should be established automatic and if remote connections should be used. If the ‘UseRemote’ flag is set to false the Hub Petrel plugin will connect to a running local Hub Server or initialize and connect to a new local Hub Server instance. If the flag ‘UseRemote’ is set to true the parameters from the file ‘remote_connection_settings.json’ are used. Following parameters need to be defined:


The remote settings are used either when Petrel is initialized by a Hub agent in headless mode or manually by the user with a Petrel UI.

Both config files can be configured centrally and then be distributed to all Petrel users into their AppData Cegal Hub folders.

If the config files are not distributed to the users it is possible to set them from the Hub Petrel plug-in UI by ticking the the box ‘Attempt auto connect to Hub Server with Petrel connector on application startup’