Installation Guide#

System Requirements#

Investigator has the following system requirements:

  • Petrel 2018.X, 2019.X, 2020.X, 2021.X, 2022.X(64-bit) installed on the target machine before you start the Investigator installation process. Note only 64-bit versions of Petrel are supported.

  • Python 3.6.8 or above

  • Python dependencies

    • cegal-keystoneauth>=1,<2

    • cegalprizm-hub>=1,<2

    • pip

    • NumPy

    • Pandas

    • scipy

    • protobuf

    • grpcio

    • pillow

    • ipyplot

    • webcolors

  • Cegal Keystone user license (for all but the simplest of features)

Blueback Investigator is a Petrel plug-in and has the same hardware requirements as Petrel. See the Petrel Installation Guide for more information.


This chapter will guide you through the installation of Investigator. Contact if you have any problems or questions.

Investigator consists of a server which is installed as part of the Blueback Investigator Petrel plug-in and a Python client. Communication between the Investigator server and the Python client is facilitated by Cegal Hub. Installing the Blueback Investigator Petrel plug-in will also install the Cegal Hub Petrel plug-in. For more information on the Cegal Hub installation options please see the Hub installation guide. When installing the Python client all dependencies will be installed automatically. These dependencies include the Cegal Keystone and Cegal Hub Python libraries

Installing Blueback Investigator Petrel plug-in with Windows installer#

The plug-in is installed using the .msi file, which installs the .pip file using PluginManager.exe as part of the installation process.

Double click the .msi file to start the installation and follow the instructions.


Figure 1. Blueback Investigator setup wizard#


Figure 2. Blueback Investigator installation window#


Figure 3. Blueback Investigator installation in progress#


Figure 4. Blueback Investigator plug-in installation complete#

Blueback Investigator is launched from inside Petrel, so you need to start Petrel to check that the installation has been successful.


The Blueback Investigator installer installs the following plugins:

  • Blueback Investigator

  • Blueback Spatial Selector

  • Cegal Hub

  • Marina

Installing Investigator Python client#

Investigator is available on PyPi and all Python dependencies will be installed when using the pip install command:

pip install cegalprizm-investigator

Investigator can be installed into in many different scenarios. Some possible installation scenarios are described here:

Installing Scripting Server Python client (optional)#

The scripting server python client allows a Python script to executed by a third-party application (eg. Petrel). This allows a user to execute Python code on data even when the user has no Python experience. Communication between the scripting server and the third-party application is facilitated by Cegal Hub.

Importantly, the scripting server also allows different Python environments with different capabilities to be made available to users. This allows specific environments to be defined helping to avoid the python package clash issues. For example, different scripting servers could be running with different Python versions or supporting different Python workflows.

Scripting Server is available on PyPi and all Python dependencies will be installed when using the pip install command:

pip install cegalprizm-scripting_server

Once installed it is necessary to run 1 or more instances of the scripting server. CegalHub can be configured to bootstrap instances of the scripting server locally so that the user does not need to manually start it.

The following command will run a scripting server using the default python environment:

python -m cegalprizm.scripting_server --name=cegalprizm

This can be bootstrapped by Cegal Hub by placing the necessary PowerShell script to Cegal Hub scripts directory. An example PowerShell script which runs the scripting server in a named Anaconda environment follows:

Write-Host "Setting conda environment"
conda activate cegalprizm
Write-Host "Starting python"
python -m cegalprizm.scripting_server --logdir=$env:APPDATA\..\Local\Cegal\hub\log --loglevel=W --name=cegalprizm
Write-Host "Stopped python"


If using Anaconda, it is important to configure Anaconda to work in PowerShell using the command:

conda init powershell