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Investigator represents a powerful cross-domain data analysis and visualization Python library. It opens up the content of an investigation made with the Blueback Investigator plugin for Petrel and exposes that to Python. Users can ensure that their data is clean and consistent whilst also maintaining information about the data units, measurement type and spatial information. Furthermore, users can use Pandas DataFrames to perform data analysis and generate plots. It is not necessary for the data to be loaded into Petrel or even for the data to be geo-science in nature.

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Release notes

Check out all relevant changes and improvements implemented in previous releases.

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Getting Started

New to Investigator? Learn how to connect to a Petrel project and create your first plots!

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User Guide

Explanations of all key functionalities of Investigator including step-by-step examples.

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Examples of complete workflows, which combines different key functionalities of Investigator.

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API Reference

A detailed description of the Investigator Python API explaining all methods and parameters.

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Installation Guide

A step-by-step walk-through of the installation process and the system requirements.

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Find more information about the available Investigator licensing options!