Unlicensed Features#

The basic Investigator functionality can be accessed with any additional licenses. The basic functionality allows the following:

  • Load investigation from invpy file

  • Connect to investigations in local Petrel

  • Access investigation definition data

  • Access investigation data as a DataFrame

  • Create Python prediction and classification equations in an investigation

This is the equivalent of the InvestigatorPy functionality which was released as part of Blueback Investigator 5.2.

To use the unlicensed functionality the following is required:

  • Blueback Investigator plugin must be installed

  • Petrel must be running

  • Python must be available on the same machine Petrel is running

  • Hub must be running on the same machine Petrel is running

This setup is described as running Hub in local mode.

Licensed Features#

Investigator is licensed through the Cegal Keystone licensing system. This is a named user license solution which works with Azure AD. The tenant admin in Cegal Keystone can add and remove users in their organization. For more information on licenses, please contact your Cegal account manager.

To enable the license features, the investigator connection must be created with use_license_features flag set and the user must have the required claims in Cegal Keystone.

The following functionality is licensed:

  • Creation of investigations from Dataframes

  • Display of investigations in the following plots: Histograms Crossplots Matrix plots Parallel coordinate plots Log tracks Seismic lines Maps Model intersections