Version 1#

Version 1 of Investigator was known as InvestigatorPy.

Version 1.0 (InvestigatorPy)#

The InvestigatorPy functionality makes it easy to export data from a Petrel project so that the data can be used in a Python environment. To use the InvestigatorPy functionality it is necessary to have Anaconda Python installation containing the InvestigatorPy package.

The rationale behind InvestigatorPy is to help geoscientists and data scientists communicate and collaborate better. It is important to ensure data science is making the best use of the geoscience knowledge.

Blueback Investigator is an excellent starting point for applying data science in the geoscience domain as the creation of the Blueback Investigation allows different domain objects to be combined for analysis based on Petrel templates which encourages the use of “clean” data and allows for simple analysis and visualization within Petrel before moving to a Python environment.

Any defined investigation can be exported from Petrel as an ‘invpy’ file which can be loaded in a Python environment using the InvestigatorPy package. Within the Python environment, the user can access the data and perform operations, visualizations, and use any Python package they wish. For example, it is possible to analyze the data to identify/build models for regressions and classifications using many different algorithms/packages. After the model has been trained on the data, the resulting trained model can be published to Petrel as an equation. This trained model can then be used within Petrel by users who have no knowledge of Python. The published equation can either perform a regression or a classification.