Installation Guide#

System Requirements#

Python Tool Pro has the following system requirements:

  • Petrel 2020.X, 2021.X, 2022.X(64-bit) installed on the target machine before you start the Python Tool Pro installation process. Note only 64-bit versions of Petrel are supported.

  • Python 3.6.8 or above

  • Python dependencies:
    • cegal-keystoneauth>=0.1.30154

    • cegalprizm-hub

    • pip

    • NumPy<= 1.23.5

    • Pandas

    • scipy

    • protobuf

  • Cegal Keystone user license


The Python Tool Pro 2.1 plug-ins for Petrel 2020, 2021 and 2022 can be downloaded on Keystone using the following link


This chapter will guide you through the installation of Python Tool Pro. Contact if you have any problems or questions.

Python Tool Pro consist of a Petrel plug-in and a Python client. When installing the Python Tool Pro Petrel plug-in a Cegal Hub Petrel plug-in will also be installed. When installing the Python client, all dependencies will be installed automatically. These dependencies include the Cegal Keystone and Cegal Hub Python libraries.

Installing Python Tool Pro Petrel plug-in with Windows installer#

The plug-in is installed using the .msi file, which installs the .pip file using PluginManager.exe as part of the installation process.

Double click the .msi file to start the installation and follow the instructions.


Figure 1. Python Tool Pro setup wizard#


Figure 2. Python Tool Pro installation window#


Figure 3. Python Tool Pro plug-in installation complete#

Installing Python Tool Pro client#

Python Tool Pro is available on PyPi and all Python dependencies will be installed when using the pip install command:

pip install cegalprizm-pythontoolpro

You can install Python Tool Pro into a Python venv or, if you use a managed Python distribution platform like Anaconda, into an Anaconda environment.

A guide on creating a Python venv can be found on:

A guide on creating and managing Anaconda environments can be found on the Anaconda user guide website: