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Python Tool Pro#

Python Tool Pro is a plug-in and Python library that provides methods for connecting to a Petrel project, read any Petrel Object’s data and metadata into common Python data structures (Pandas DataFrame, NumPy array, Python dictionary) within your chosen IDE, and then write new data back to Petrel.

Python Tool Pro allows the user to work with their Petrel data and, once converted to a common Python data structure, seamlessly integrate with any other Python library for plotting (Plotly, Matplotlib), machine learning (Scikit Learn, Keras, TensorFlow), scientific computing (SciPy), etc or interacting with other data sources.

With Python Tool Pro, the possibilities for extending, automating, creating, and improving existing workflows are endless.

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Release notes

Check out all relevant changes and improvements implemented in previous releases.

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Getting Started

New to Python Tool Pro? Learn how to connect to a Petrel project and access its data.

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User Guide

Explanations of all key functionalities of Python Tool Pro including step-by-step examples.

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Examples of complete workflows, which combines different key functionalities of Python Tool Pro.

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API Reference

A detailed description of the Python Tool Pro API explaining all methods and parameters.

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Installation Guide

A step-by-step walk-through of the installation process and the system requirements.

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Find more information about how Python Tool Pro is licensed.